Server sizing and database


I would like your help on the sizing for my environment

I’'ve seen a number of threads on server size regarding performance and I am unable to come with the numbers

It looks like this

  • possible 3000 concurrent users and 6500 connecting users. Some 1000 users of the 3000 mentioned are spread on some 150 locations worldwide in a closed network.

  • windows 2003 and windows xp

  • I would like to run wildfire on a linux distro (does so in a test and I like it)

  • only chat , no filetransfer allowed

What server size regarding these numbers

What database would you advise

Thanks for the help

Wim Wolters

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Hi w5904,

The server size is going to depend somewhat on if you were planning on running Wildfire and the database on the same box. In either case I’‘d recommend a dual (or dual core) system with 2-4GB of RAM (more, is of course, always better); a 64-Bit machine would give you some room to grow but isn’‘t required. As for which database to go with, I’‘d suggest using whichever one you’‘re most comfortable with. If it doesn’‘t really make any difference to you I’‘d suggest going with MySQL since that seems to be the most widely used database with Wildfire. Sounds like you’‘re primarily a MS shop, is there an existing SQL Server installation you can use? If there is I’'d lean towards using that simply because it is (hopefully ) well maintained, monitored and backed up.

Hope that helps,


Hey Ryang

Thanks for the update. We normally run 2cpu boxes with 2 Gb RAM. But being a new kind of program there is a lot of guessing.

Yes you are right, We are run for the most part MS including a bunch of SQL db’'s on various boxes

I’'ll go with your advise

Thnx again