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Server startup takes 4-5 minutes

I’'m running Jive 2.1.1, and we have activated 10 persistent chat rooms with logging turned on. We also set the history level to 100 messages. In our mucConversationLog table, we have around 35,000+ messages being persisted.

We are running on Fedora Core 3 Linux

Database is MySql 3.28

Whenever I take down the server and have to bring it back up, it sits at the Multi User Conference line in the info.log for several minutes. Eventually it finishes coming up and starts the admin console on 9090.

Are there any known workarounds to make it start faster? Were any of the startup speed addressed with the 2.1.2 release?

Many thanks,

Ed Bragg

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Hey Ed,

Thanks for the improvement request. I created this issue JM-199 which you can use to the progress. Anyway, I’'ll post in this thread when a fix is available.


– Gato