Server to Server between multiple instances on the same server

Thanks to it2000 I’'ve got two instances working on the same suse 10 server.

instance one serves users and instance two serves, they can login, add in other others from their own Active Directory domain and it’'s all cool. Now, how can I get them sending messages between servers?

I’'ve created dns entries for both domains to that points to the suse server where the instances live. One company will use port 5222 and the other will use port 5333 to connect their clients to the server.

I’'ve gone to the server to server page in the admin console and set instance one to use the default port of 5269 and the second instance to use 5369.

I’‘ve tried to leave the ‘‘allowed to connect’’ section set to ‘‘Anyone’’ and it doesn’'t help, so in instance one I added port 5369 and in instance two I added port 5269.

When I try to add to my client running on company1 it says that the user doesn’'t exist. The same thing happens when tries to add

I couldn’'t find any S2S documentation.

Any ideas?

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you should see errors in the Wildfire log files if a s2s connection does fail. It may help a lot to know them.


It turns out I needed to set up the service providers in dns, it works great now, thanks to stevekdavis in this thread!

Found the solution to my problem here: