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Server to Server connections, with shared Rosters

Our company has recently merged.

We have offices in different cities, each with their own respective AD domains.

Ours is 2000 at the moment, theirs is 2003. They are trusted.

We are both running Wildfire 3.2.4, and we have an established 2 way server to server connection between the boxes.

Is there any simple way for my users to see their user list, and their users to see my user list?

If i add a user manually, it works, but they have over 100 users and we have around 50.

That is just wasted time.

Thanks in advance,


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I have the same situation. The only solution I have currently found is to enable the Subscription plugin to automatically accept subscription requests. And then redundantly generate shared rosters on the two servers

The openfire API appears to have some support for an automated way to do this, but I am just not java savoy enough to code it up.

Sorry, I don’'t have a solution for you.


That would even help, however when I move the .jar files to the /plugins directory of the wildfire server, it unpacks them but apparently stops there.

I have tried to install 4 different plugins, none of which work. Is this because of LDAP ? or because of the older version of Wildfire ??

In my “plugins” tab of the Wildfire admin page, it shows only the Search plugin as being installed.

Are those plugins only working with the latest version of Openfire? We have 3.2.4, the last release under the name Wildfire.

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You should be able to enable plugins via the admin console. Did you go to “Available Plugins” from the plugins page?


Our firewalls were blocking the ports necessary to update the available plugins list.

This has since been resolved.

Still wish there was an easy way to share rosters though.

I hate to bring a post back from this long ago, especially for a first post here, but I’'d like to know if anyone has come up with a solution to the original problem.

Anyone? Bueller?