Server-to-Server How-To Step by Step

Hello from Costa Rica,

I’m new in Openfire and sorry for my bad english

I have 2 office and each office I installed openfire on trixbox-asterisk PBX server, using embedded database and using differents Active Directory to validate users, works excellent with SIP integration too.

But now I need that users in the office1 can add users from office2 and the opposite.

Does someone has a Step by Step guide to connect Server-to-Server?

Please let me know.


For add User of another office simply send request But you need to change domain name(another office ) in JID

The server ports need to be available accross the networks. So if they are communicating across a WAN or internet make sure you open the ports from the attached image as well as port 5269 as shown in the Server to Server settings.

Did you read Server To Server HowTo’s?