Server to Server - Just Cant Get It Working!

Hi All,

I have been through the walk-through on the site and various other articles I could find online, for configuring server to server connections for federation and I just cant get it working.

For testing purposes I have gone as far as to create a new domain in a lab environment, setup a second openfire server, create a couple users in the domain and connect with the spark client in that test domain. That works well. Both openfire servers can resolve the other via FQDN. Both servers are also configured to allow port 5269 and have been validated with telnet. The service is also enabled on both servers.

So from a Spark client in one environment I try to search for other users using the following format user@openfireserver.remote.domain, specifying the remote domain for lookup. I have also used the contacts menu and added a new contact in the same manner, specifying the user @ openfire server name . fully qualified domain name. The user adds into the spark client but simply shows as pending. I never see any server to server traffic when viewing the stats pages.

These servers are in the same environment but different subnets with full unrestricted access between them. So I’m not sure what Im missing. Following the walk-through it appears straightforward but I am having no luck. We are using version 3.7.1 on Windows 2008 R2, no firewalls or anything like that are in place. For the sake of simplicity both servers are currently using the local imbedded database.

I have added each server’s FQDN into the white list and enabled the Allow Only option but I have also tried it via the Allowed to Connect ‘Anyone’ option as well, just to rule that out.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I know this is going to sound stupid, but I spent a week tweaking settings and mining the forums for solutions to this very same thing and in the end, all it was is that I was trying to add the other server users from the “Search for other people on the server” bar at the bottom of Spark instead of the Contacts >> Add Contact pull down menu. Once I did it that way it worked.

Thanks Daniel

We managed to get it working that way as well. The original problem ended up being that our counterparts had server to server security set to required security instead of optional. It would be nice if it were a little more clear on how to add those remote users.

A second question a little unrelated. Any idea on how to create/add a contact list for remote server users versus requiring each user to add that remote user to their contacts manually?

No easy way I know of. Search for ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode), but I couldn’t figure it out. I wish the developers would add mulitple LDAP authentication. I would be willing to donate a little to that cause.