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Server to Server / LDAP Question


In our company we plan to use Jive IM for our internal IM service, right now I am in testing / configuring everything to try and get it to work. Now my question is that we have 2 offices, one in the USA and the other in India.

I have installed and configured Jive 2.2.0 in both locations and the LDAP authentication works fine each office has their own domain so the USA office is one domain and the India office is another domain.

The server to server communication between both seems to be working. When I manually add users from the one server to the other ie I search for a contact user1@usa from india I am able to see and add them ok.

Now to my question, we have premade groups assigned in AD that locally everyone is able to see everyone on the list. IE USA sees all the USA employees. Is it possible that with Server to Server you can set it up so that USA would see all USA user and group and all of India User and group without having to manually add all the users?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hey Jason,

Unfortunately shared groups only support local users. You cannot add remote users to local groups. That means that a user at USA cannot belong to a group at India. Moreover, public users (i.e. with public visibility) are only visible to users of the local server.

Shared groups is not an XMPP standard feature but something specific to JM. Following the XMPP rules users can see the presence of other users only if the users have previously authorized the presence subscription. Shared groups skips the subscription steps so there is no guarantee that a local user will be able to track the presence of remote users even if they do belong to the shared group. Having said that, for a future JM release we would like to find a way to have shared groups working with remote users.

BTW, we may want to update your JM installation to the new JM 2.3.0 beta 1 since many s2s bugs were fixed.


– Gato

Ok thank you for the reply,

I assume upgrading to the beta server from our exsisting version will not be that difficult. I will look into doing that.