Server to Server, Linux and Windows

I have a problem connecting 2 Wildfire servers, both are running 3.2.0 one is a Linux box (Suse 9.2) and the other is a Windows XP box.

When I log into the Windows server and try to add a user on the Linux box I get an error message saying


Cannot add itsucalj@squid to the contact list.

The address does not exist.


On the Linux box error log I get

2007.02.16 16:06:44 ava:75) Error while negotiating TLS: socket: Socket[addr=/,port=3708,localport=5269] session: org.jivesoftware.wildfire.session.IncomingServerSession@42299e status: 1 address: squid/a25181f8 id: a25181f8 Unsupported record version Unknown-47.115

at Source)

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at a:211)


at 64)

at java:72)


at 62)


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Server to Server between 2 Windows test servers works fine.

Any ideas?

Ports are fully open and I can telnet to 5269 on both servers from the other.

DNS is working fine.


JM-669 was fixed in 3.0 and this could be a very similar issue.


Hey Jimmy,

Another option is that you are using self-signed certificates and by default Wildfire will reject them. In one server you will get the “ Unsupported record version Unknown-47.115” exception and in the other server (if you enable the debug log) you will see that the TLS negotiation failed due to a self-signed certificate.

If you are fine with self-signed certificates then you can instruct Wildfire to accept them. You will have to set the system property xmpp.server.certificate.accept-selfsigned to true on both servers. If you don’'t care about certificate validation you can just disable the entire validtion by setting xmpp.server.certificate.verify to false.


– Gato