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Server to Server Openfire across Mobile Ad-Hoc Network?

I am looking into setting up an Openfire server for use by a group of people using laptops in the field. We are connected in an ad-hoc network. Currently we have one server that everyone is connected to, but, if you lose connection, then the messages that the client sends are lost and if the person running the server has to leave then XMPP is down for everyone. We have thought about have a separate computer to run the server, but I was thinking of a more complex solution.

Perhaps we could still have our ad-hoc network, but then everyone would be running their own openfire server. Each server would be shared with everyone else within radio range. This would allow for a persistent connection to XMPP despite people coming or leaving.

Does this sound possible to do? I have read the server to server how-to at http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1030 . I will report back when I have gotten further in my project. Thanks.

EDIT: I guess what I am really asking is if anyone has had problems getting the connections (dns, etc) to work between openfire servers across an ad-hoc network.