Server to Server - presence not working

I’ve been able to get basic server-to-server between two Openfire server. Both are Openfire 3.71 and are on the Internet behind a firewall, with port 5269 opened. Our IM client is Spark 2.6.3.

I can IM by using username@hostname - just using basic DNS resolution, no SRV records setup as one of the server is behind a dynamic IP address.

I’ve created a group on each server and added the remote users in user@hostname. But none of these users show any availability or other presence.

When I look in the logs, here’s what I am seeing::

2011.10.16 15:02:30 org.jivesoftware.util.Log - passed presence:

Looking this up it seems to be because one side or the other was not doing and “accept” on a subscribe request.

We’ve had Spark prompt use to accept a request when manually adding a user in the past. But it does not seem to be doing so now. I also added an Openfire “Subscribe” pluging to see if that would help - but no luck.

I’ve read and read the post on server to server config, but not seen this exact situation. Any ideas on how to get this working?

Thank you - Richard

You may wish to check your domain and hostname of your server… To minimise complexity, I used the same for both. Had the same problem when I changed the domain but the users who were registered had the older configuration…