Server to server problem?


I have a trouble with the Jive Messenger, when status server is incomming and I send some message to one from that server automatly my client messenger is online but not receive and send any message for a little minutes and all of them see me my status online, so if the status on the server in both all is good.

Is that Jive Messenger the problem ???, I test with different PC and client and the problem continuos

Tengo un problema con el Jive Messenger ,cuando veo en la consola un servidor que en el estado de coneccion dice incoming y le envio un mensaje a alguien de ese servidor automaticamente aunque mi mensajero no se desconecta deja de recibir y enviar mensajes por unos minutos aunque todos me ven conectados, esto no pasa si la coneccion del servidor esta en boht

Es un problema del JIve Messenger? ya que he probado desde distintas maquinas con distintos clientes y cuentas y pasa lo mismo



I just replied your private message about this issue. In summary, the current implementation of s2s is synchronic. That means that the user that tries to connect to a remote server will be blocked until the connection fails or succeeds. One option I was considering was switching to an asynchronous mode so that the user regains control immediately but Iā€™'m still evaluating the implications.


ā€“ Gato