Server to Server Questions

Hello All,

Just completed the Wildfire Open Source install last night and the install went great.

The server is running suse linux 10.0, we also have another jabber server running jabber2d. I have the jabber2d server in the whitelist for s2s communication. Here’'s my question, is there a way in jabber2d to get these servers talking to each other?


Hey cbtl,

AFAIK, jabberd2 has s2s support so all you would need to set up is:

  1. Make sure that port 5269 is not being blocked by a firewall (in each server)

  2. A DNS SRV record is created for each server and hosted service (e.g. and Wildfire will initially perform a DNS lookup and if that fails then it will attempt a connection to the initial domain. However, I’'m not sure how jabberd2 works. If jabberd2 behaves like Wildfire then you can ignore the DNS setup.

  3. When sending messages to the other server or adding contacts of the other server to a local user make sure that you are using the correct domain. Eg.: remote server is then remote users will be of the form

You can also enable the debug log in Wildfire to monitor s2s connections in case you are having some troubles.


– Gato