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Server to Server shows no connection?

We have two boxes on different domains running the OpenFire 3.3.0 server but when we try and do server to server they dont see each other. We added the name to the host file, we can ping the other server, we can telnet into it on port 5269, we can connect a computer from the other domain to the other server on the other domain. We made sure the service is started.

any suggetions?

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did you ever try to send a message to a remote user? Openfire should then and no second earlier try to establish a s2s-connection.

Did you read http://wiki.igniterealtime.org/display/WILDFIRE/ServertoServer+HowTo ?



maybe you have to look at this :


I think you have a DNS resolv problem, but you can give us debug informations for more help.

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