Server-to-Server (side) Assistants needed

We are a large End user support Call Center. Normally we setup accounts and allow Clients to connect to our OpenFire. Now we have a new client that wants to go ahead and install there own OpenFire.

We are running into issues being able to Connect/Communicate with the Other server.

Can someone share the steps, and requirements needed to setup a Server-to-Server.

We will be setting it up to allow only the (white list) servers to chat with our users.

I personally will add those accounts to the Rosters of the members/reps that need to talk to our Client.

on the help I get on this issue.

I have broken our Employee’s into Groups and Share those groups to the groups that need to chat to that group.

Can I add a new group. and it actually be members from the Clients Server???/


I can not comment on your functional requitrements, but for the server 2 server connectivity I do have a suitable help:

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