Server to Server User Status not showing

Be nice, I’'m still pretty new to jabber/xmpp…

I have 2 wildfire 3.1.1 servers running behind the same firewall. One is for my company, the other is for a client.

Server to server works - mostly.

If I add a contact to Spark that is on my client’‘s server, it says they’‘re offline. But, they’‘re really not and I’'m able to chat with them just fine.

Both admin areas show the server to server connection established both ways. In order to make this work right behind the firewall, I added each server name to the other’‘s HOSTS file (I’'m running both on Windows), as per other posts in this forum.

Clients are set to use TLS only.

Server to Server is set optional and I’‘ve whitelisted the other’'s hostnames.

Everyone is using Spark for their client.

What am I missing? What further info do I need to supply for diagnosis?

More info:

After setting the presence plugin on both machines to “allow all” and setting up NAT rules to forward packets on port 9090, now my client can see my status.

But, I still can’‘t see theirs. I can’'t see any difference in the configs between the servers, except for the normal stuff that would have to be different.

I even disabled my computers firewall to see if that was blocking.

So, maybe someone can answer this - is it Spark or Wildfire that gives me the status of remote users? Is spark doing a direct presence query on the remote (which I’'m able to do fine from my computer) or does it pass that info through the server its connected to (which also can pull up presence via its browser).

If its the server (which I suspect since I didn’'t see traffic to the other server in a packet sniff), is it passed on the same server to server port?

I’‘m no expert with Spark, but it does have a debug window, there is a key combination to start it up, I’‘m sure you can find details in the forums. There is a “Raw” tab that shows every message in and out of the client. So you can verify what’'s going on with that.

The server also has debug logs. So you can go turn those on, and see if there are any errors. Or first just check the “Error” log to see if it’'s complaining…

If there are errors, and it’'s still unclear, you can post those, and someone might be able to help from that.


there was a similar thread some weeks ago, it seems that the presence plugin does not update the roster subscriptions entry properly. I’'m not sure if this was solved or is still open.