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Server to server & users/groups sharing?

Hi all,

We have been using openfire & spark for over 1 year now and it really suits our needs, so BIG THANK you to everyone for making this possible.

Since we have 2 offices which are connected with a VPN I wanted to set a server on each location so that when the WAN goes down, the users of each office still can use spark.

The servers are running and I have configured the server to server setting so that seems to be ok.

There is 1 thing that puzzles me: how to set up users/groups so that each office has 1 group with local users and 1 group with remote users?

This is what I’ve done on each server:

  • created a local and remote group
  • created local users and put them in the local group
  • added the remote users in the form of user@server to the remote group
  • shared all groups with eachother, so on server 1: local group shared with remote group and vice versa
    The subscription plugin is installed and configured to accept all requests.

Is this the right way to setup users/groups with multiple servers?

There seems to be an inconsistency in whether users/groups are presented which before with only 1 server was ok and when I change the sharing settings, it happens regularly that the browser keeps connecting so I wonder if there is an issue?

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: forgot to mention configuration, don’t know if this is important.

Openfire 3.9.1 on Debian Wheezy (virtualised)

Java 1.6.0_26 Sun

Spark 2.6.3

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Ok, I started over and now, on both servers, I get the same results.

My other question still stands: what is the right way to present ‘remote’ users in a group?

And another one: the local users are presented with just their username.

The remote users have the @ behind their names; is there a way to show them just with their username, the same way as local users?