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Server update procedure?

We recently installed and began using Openfire 3.3.2. We installed on a Red Hat Linux server using the RPM download. It is working well. Now we have the notification of the release of Openfire 3.3.3. I cannot find instructions on the proper way to update the server software.

Do we just run the “rpm -Uvh openfire…” command? Is there anything we should be backing up or restoring? Is there an update option in the administration interface that I am just not finding?

How do I update the Openfire server without breaking anything?


Hi Alan,

Regardless of if you are doing an upgrade, you should be doing routine backups of /opt/openfire and then your external database, if you are using one. I have found the RPM upgrade process to work nicely, except the recently fixed bug of the chkconfig messes up openfire init.

So yes, make sure you have backups. rpm -Uvh … , and then ‘chkconfig openfire --add’


Thank you, daryl. That worked just fine.