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Server useage clarification needed

If I have a Windows 2003 R2 Sp2, 3.06 ghz server, with 2 gigs ram, running openfire 3.2.4 server with 350 users in the database, using the embedded database, 12 total groups, everyone resides in a group, I am using the defaults from the server install from a zip file and a seperate install of java 1.6u1. all the users run spark 2.5.1. at any given time there are about 125-175 users actually logged in. There are usually to the tune of 60-75 actually chatting on a semi-regular basis. no jinge usage at this time (waiting for support of “other than the default audio device” in other words device selection within the client). clients all have java 1.6u1. When I log into the console the java memory always is above 85% used, most of the time I look it is at 97.7 or 98, or 99.4% usage. That seems rather high… The cache summary page has a few items with higher than 95% used…I believe the roster was 1 of them… I have definately searched the forums and read countless posts about setting up xms and xmx values to increase memory size, and mentions of adjusting cache sizes (don’'t even know how or to what values). Personally the informations gets to be overwhelming, trying to figure out what to really do, and not being able to find real answers, I mean solid answers, or a readme thoroughly explaining how to make adjustments for growing usage…I have not yet gotten to where the server stops responding like others have said, but nor do I want to get there either… can anyone please offer me a solid answer to what would be the recommended changes I might make to the server to make it run better, or at least not on the edge of full utilization. If I need to set up custom vmoptions file, what is the guideline to make it effective, and do I need to worry about those cache summaries values getting towards 100%?? I the default values set by the server fine for me or do I need to make some adjustments, and if so what?? Also Do I need stun enabled as it seems to be on my setup?? And http binding is also enabled… Can I disable both of these??

Thank you for anyone willing to lend a hand

Hi Crystal,

it helps a lot if you make posts more readable and post only one question within one thread.

The Installation Guide describes how to increase the server memory (Custom Parameters).

Caches which reach 95% Percent Used could be increased, you should anyhow monitor the Effectiveness of the cache and make sure that it also increases if you increase the size. A cache can never reach 100% size as it controls it’'s size.

For a basic XMPP chat server setup you don’'t need STUN or HTTP binding, you can disable both and also old-SSL within the server as Spark does not support it.