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Server went byebye, so did Spark

=) Basically, I lost connection to my server at home and Spark just up and vanished on me. (I assume crashed, but it might have simply exited) Expected behavior or no?

Hi Daniel,

Spark should display a connection lost message and offer you to reconnect.

Which OS and Spark version are you using?


Mac OS X (10.4.6) and Spark 1.1.3 (that shows up as 1.1.2 as per my other post, but I am told is indeed 1.1.3)

Hi, it does that on the Linux version too - if I restart the Wildfire server, Spark just exits with no reconnect prompt.


Thanks for the bug report. I’'ll get this fixed for the 1.1.4 release due out Thursday. You can track this issue using SPARK-277.




Just to let you know, this still doesn’'t work correctly.

Now Spark does popup a box saying you were disconnected etc, but if you select ‘‘Yes’’, Spark just mimimises, and when you maximise, the same dialog box is still there, i.e. it never reconnects.



Thanks ben,

What is really needed is to just reset the connection and not even need to log out. I’'m hoping to get this in for the Spark 2.0 release. You can track the progress of this bug with SPARK-100. Thanks again, and sorry about the issue.


Just marking this ‘‘answered’’ since it’'s now being tracked via the tracker.