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Servers, JIDs and smack API

Hi all,

I am new to xmpp protocol, but it seems ok to login a JID like jid@gmail.com to a server like jabber.org . This works ok from some clients I have tested, but there is nothing I could find on this subject here. Let me know the right way to do it if smack supports this at all.


Not sure what you are asking - you can read all the details of the XMPP protocoll at http://www.jabber.org

You authenticate to the server you registered on. That server will the “vouch” for you against othjer XMPP servers, as long as they are willing to do S2S (server to server). If they do, you can join their multi user chat rooms or contact JIDs of their domain.


I might have made a confusion regarding the “have seen it with my own eyes” part of last post. Anyway, I could not find this specification in the RFC3920 - XMPP Core. So, just to reassure: x2@domain2.com wants to connect to its server (located at domain2.com) through a server located at domain1.com. x2@domain2.com first initiates a sasl transaction with domain1.com. My question - is the server at domain1.com able to act as a proxy between x2@domain2.com and domain2.com’s server ? The end result should be x2@domain2.com logged in to domain2.com.

Thanks again


If I am understanding you correctly, what you want is not possible with XMPP. Op3racional described it correctly above: You always connect to your own server and then you can possibly interact with users on other servers. In your example, a domain2.com user would be rejected by the domain1.com server for the purposes of an initial connection/authentication because the account was created on the domain2.com server.


Yep, you’re right.