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Service Start/Logging Question (2 in 1 thread)

First problem.

I can’'t get Wildfire to work as a service on a Windows 2003 Enterprise machine.

I installed the service, and started it. When I log out of the machine no one can connect. When I log into the machine no one can connect until I stop the service and then run it from the GUI, but I have to stay logged it otherwise it shuts off again. If they are running together at the same time (Service then start GUI) I get a database error (running the internal database)

Second problem

Is there a way to view the messages being sent back and forth, at a company level we would like to know what our employees are talking about. We purchased the statistics plugin but that doesn’'t do what we need it to do.

I am a newbie to the program so for give me for my short commings…

I am running a Linux verision of the Wildfire, so i am not sure what the exact path would be to the windows installation.

I have every log that can be turned on enabled. With this configuration i have a file called “jive.audit-0.log” that is located in my /wildfire/logs dir that has all of the converstations in it. Hope this helps you… I would also assume that this information is tracked somewhere in the database.

For message auditing, you can check the option at the following page


Still looking for an answer to the first question.

Check to see how the WF service is logging into the Windows box.

Is it using the “Local System account” and is the option “Allow service to interact with desktop” selected, these are requirements for any service to run when no user is actually logged in.

(well actually the service account can be any local account or domain account for that matter but the “allow … with desktop” is required)