Service-Unavailable(503) FileTransfer

Hi all, i’m new member.

I’m using Smack API 3.2.1 and OpenFire 3.7.1. My app can send message and create group chat but when i send file Openfire server always returns “service-unavailable(503)”. I tested my app on PC and Android. I don’t know that is a bug of OpenFire or my app. Please check my code below.

ConnectionConfiguration conf = new ConnectionConfiguration(“”,5222);


XMPPConnection connection = new XMPPConnection(conf);



FileTransferNegotiator.setServiceEnabled(connection, true);

FileTransferManager manager = new FileTransferManager(connection);

OutgoingFileTransfer transfer = manager.createOutgoingFileTransfer(“admin@mypc”);

// Send the file

transfer.sendFile(new File(“Path File”), “You won’t believe this!”);