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Services missing


i set up a openfire jabber server with ldap authentication.

The problem now is, i cant use conference or pubsub for my users.

If i connect with psi and use service discovery the only thing listed is:

“media proxy” (media services).

I allowed everyone to create new rooms and also added the domain conference.jabber.domain.tld in the dns with the same ip.

But it is just missing from the service overview and also from the disco response.

What could be wrong?

Any help greatly appreciated.

fixed it by accident:


This has normally nothing to do with my problem, but i just went to the webadmin and looked the groupname up. it was filled with a standard text. So i just set by accident as description my domain name in. Saved!

After reconnection all the services where there. search, pubsub, conference. No idea what the problem was. But got it fixed.

And no it wasnt just the saving, cause i played alot with the settings for my conference server.