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Servlet Container Used?

I’'m working on a completely unrelated project, but I love the JSP-based interface to Wildfire and want to use something like it on my project. What servlet container was used? Where should I poke around in the code to find out about startup and configuration?

BTW, the more I look at the source for all the jive projects the more impressed I am. Really nice work.


A high-level overview of the admin console is below that will hopefully give you a good start in digging through the code. However, the code is GPL so that may impact how you can use it directly in any of your projects.

  • We use Jetty as the embedded app-server. However, we also make a WAR version of the app. Jetty is started internally using the AdminConsolePlugin.

  • All of the tabs, sections and pages are loaded from a dynamic XML model. That makes it possibly to modify the admin console using plugins. Most of that logic lives in AdminConsole. PluginManager has all of the dynamic plugin loading logic.

  • Sitemesh is used to decorate all the pages in the admin console. I definitely think it’'s a secret weapon in the hands of any JSP dev.

  • At the moment, all plugins that modify the admin console are compiled JSP. This works well with Jetty but not with any servlet container (WAR build). Therefore, we’'d like to switch over plugins to use FreeMarker for the next major release.

I hope that gives you a good head start. I’'m more than happy to answer any additional questions you have.

Best Regards,