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Session always displayed as Smack

Hello I’m trying to create multiplatform chat application
and I already can connect to my openfire server on my web application using strophe.js
And now I’m implementing same function in android device usign asmack (Thanks Flow)
I already can receive the chat from the web and also sending message between application.
But now the problem is when first time login the session is always displayed as Smack like in the attached file
and in the strophejs there is bodywrap function to generate wrapper for BOSH so I can send the
sid and rid, is there anything I can do to achieve this with asmack?


‘Smack’ is the default JID resource if you don’t specify one.

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How to set the custom JID resource for my session?
And is asmack already have the body wrapper for the bosh?

how can I maintain a bosh connection with asmack?

Thank you!