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Do anyone know why the resource info is not updating ?

In Openfire 3.9.3 the resource of the client sessions are not updating. I need to know what client has an specific version but is not updating, I move all my clients to version 2.7.0 but only two are showing the correct version on the resource tab. The list is refreshing and last sync was today.

The resource field of a client is not dynamically updated based on the version. It is just that Spark when first time launched by a new user takes its current version and uses it as a resource. So if you first time launched when using Spark 2.6.3, it will stay “Spark 2.6.3” no matter what version you are using actually. Resource field is not meant to be automatically updated by a program, it is a completely user handled setting. But as Spark is launched for the first time it has to use something for the resource, so it is saving its current version.

This has been changed in 2.7.1. As it is confusing for admins. Now it defaults to just “Spark”. But if you already had “Spark 2.6.3” as your resource, it will stay this way even with 2.7.1 version. It will only default to “Spark” for new users. There is also an option in 2.7.1 to use a hostname as a resource and this will update dynamically when hostname changes. You can enable this setting for your users after updating to 2.7.1. Maybe this will be a bit more useful to see on what PC they are logged in.

There is also a ticket for an option to use actual version as a resource, so it would behave the way you expected. I might try to do this at some point, as i have examples of hostname option. But this could be too complex for my limited development skills

[SPARK-1619] Add an option to use Spark version as a resource - Jive Software Open Source

I’ve just added an option as described in the ticket i’ve mentioned. You can try it out in the 688 nightly build Ignite Realtime: Spark Nightly Builds

The option is in the Advanced menu on the Login window. Of course, can’t really test much until version number changes, but i think i have tested it enough. Should be included in 2.7.2 version, which will probably be released later this year.