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Set default room properties

So I see that bug JM-949 is fixed, which should allow one to set default room settings via system properties

But I can’t find any documentation on the names of those properties.

I’ve looked in the documents and found this:

but has nothing about rooms.

Anyone know how to actually use the features added in JM-949?


Anyone? Has this been documented anywhere?

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I don’t know any docs, but you can see in the sources, that the properties:

  • room.canOccupantsChangeSubject (default false)
  • room.maxUsers (default 30)
  • room.publicRoom (default true)
  • room.persistent (default false)
  • room.moderated (default false)
  • room.membersOnly (default false)
  • room.canOccupantsInvite (default false)
  • room.canAnyoneDiscoverJID (default true)
  • room.logEnabled (default true)
  • room.loginRestrictedToNickname (default false)
  • room.canChangeNickname (default true)
  • room.registrationEnabled (default true)
    are read from the database table ofMucServiceProp (see MUCServiceProperties). But I don’t see a easy way to set them via admin console.
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Right, I’ve used those before to modify the settings for existing rooms.

I want to set the default properties for new rooms.

Right, I’ve used those before to modify the settings for existing rooms.

I didn’t mean the methods to change this, I mean that the default room properties can be changed by modifying the openfire database. The properties in the ofMucServiceProp table are related to a Multi-User Chat service and not a single room.

Hmm, I’ve tested to change the default property room.canAnyoneDiscoverJID to false (by adding this to the ofMucServiceProp table) and after a restart it works for new rooms that will be created via xmpp. If you create rooms via the admin console this setting has no influence.

Sorry, I didn’t read what you wrote carefully enough.

Yes, that does work.

FYI, if you want unlimited users, maxusers should be set to 0 (zero).


I’ve committed a new admin console page to configure default room properties. But note, these settings are only used for rooms which are created via XMPP and not for the admin console (see OF-22 for details).

Hello Jeff,

How can I edit the room properties via code. Can you please tell me the same

MultiUserChat privateRoom = new MultiUserChat(connection, groupName+"@conference.abc.com");

try {



privateRoom.sendConfigurationForm(new Form(Form.TYPE_SUBMIT));

System.out.println(“Room Created!!!”);

privateRoom.grantMembership(CCMStaticVariable.loginUserId+"@abc. com");

privateRoom.sendMessage(" ");

I only know this much about the rooms creation. Can you please help me further in Room Chat and to set the room properties.


Waiting for your reply…


Does anyone have any idea how to create default room settings for specific users?

Ideally from admin console

Thanks in advance