Set port sender static for Openfire

Hi to all.

I know that the port where openfire listen Server-To-Server communications is 5269. This port is established in System Properties by property:

Property Name Property Value

xmpp.server.socket.port 5269

I want know that if exist a property for set port sender static for Openfire, because for default this port is random.

Do you understand my problem?

Thank you very much.


set port sender static
You want an fixed port for outgoing packets? I don’t think thats possible with Openfire itself. Openfire does probably use different ports for different remote servers. However, it is possible that you could rewrite all outgoing packets that go to an remote port 5269 using iptables.

What I want is a fixed port (for outgoing packets) for different remote server. This remote server are same server.

Do you think that is possible to use iptables?

How can I to use iptables for do this?

If you remember, in this discussion:

you suggest me this:

"Never tried it, but found this: => dnsutil.dnsOverride

see also"

but I don’t understand it very well.

Thanks for help,


Do you think that is possible to use iptables?
Something like that:

iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -p tcp -dport 5269 -d -j REDIRECT --to-port 1234 is the remote servers IP, 1234 is the desired remote server port. I’m not very familar with IP tables, you will have to figure out this yourself.

I think the best solution for your problem would be that plugin I suggested in that other thread. Also you should think about you if really need this priority thing.