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Set presence through HTTP Plugin

I have inherited a plugin that accepts commands as a http servelet.

One of the commands is to set the presence of a user. I use the following code

User user = userManager.getUser(username);
JID userjid = new JID(username, server, "Server"); AuthToken token = AuthFactory.authenticate(username, AuthFactory.getPassword(username));
LocalClientSession session = sessionManager.createClientSession(new FakeConnection());
session.setAuthToken(token, "Server");
Presence presence = session.getPresence(); presence.setType(null);
session.setPresence(presence); user.getRoster().broadcastPresence(presence);
sessionManager.broadcastPresenceToOtherResources(userjid, presence);

Not showing the exception handeling above.

The FakeConnection is a simple extension of VirtualConnection that does nothing.

In the OpenFire management console, a user is however not shown as online. Is this because of the FakeConnection or because the user is in fact not correctly set as present?

Is there a better way to persistently set a user as present through a plugin?

Advice appreciated.