Set Presence To Away When Workstation Is Locked

Would it be possible to have Spark auto set your presence to Away when a user locks their workstation? (Ctrl - Alt - Del -> Lock Computer)

In our organization, we have a rule that when you have to step away from your workstation you must lock it.

So, it would be nice to have the user’'s presence set accordingly.


I think this is nice request. Second it


I think this is a great request. However, this is not actually an easy thing to implement (I spent about an hour looking into it). There is no Java function that allows you to check if Windows is locked. The only way to do this is through a round about use of the API, by checking if the default desktop is available to write to. It would probably take the Spark guys a while to write, especially since the normal API access in Java sucks. If you know how to Java program, you should look into writing a plugin to do this. Just do a google search for “api detect windows locked” and similar things.


Tim, thanks for the detailed response. I’'ll look into it.

This sounds like a great idea. I use the locking feature often and this would come in handy.

Well, at the moment, there is only the “Minutes to Idle” feature. What I do is set it to 1 minute, and that seems to work well, However, I’'ll look into this further.



BTW, Exodus is going Away if you lock Workstation

Well if Exodus does it, then we can. You can track the issue with SPARK-228.


I see it’'s already been implemented. Nice!

You just have to mention some other client here


Just out of curiousity, how did you do this? The API interfacing writing to default desktop method?



Is there any special thing we have to look for as this super cool feature works only on about half of our XP clients. They are all on 1.1.4 but it works only on some machines…



I have seen this too - it seems to happen on some of our machines, some of the time.

The code I’‘m using to do that does seem a little flaky. I’'m looking into alternatives for a more consistent function to handle the locking of the workspace. Bare with me while I get this fixed



This doesn’'t work for me, and it is a feature I would really like to see in Spark. Maybe SPARK-228 should be reopened so we can vote for it?