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Set up pyMSN

how do you set up pyMSN (im new at this)

What platform(s) are you on? How is your network setup? How far have you gotten with setting up PyMSN-t? What part(s) are you stuck on?

i have Windows XP and i have got to extrating the files for pyMSNt i have installed all the files need (twisted etc.) and i don’'t know what to do next


make sure you edit your pyMSNt config file properly before running the protocol. Also make sure you conigured Jive to accept external components.

If you provide your msnt config file perhaps someone here can better help troubleshoot your problem.

my config file is



Is that a real path???



This should probably contain something like “cybermikec.homeip.net” (so except the prefix).


here’‘s a simple clean config setting you may want to try just to see if you can attach the pymsnt protocol to your Jabber. You may want to add additional settings to your config file once you’'ve been able to attach the protocol.

Make sure you configured Jive to accept external protocols and that the port and password Jive is listening to is match those in your config file (5347 and fake_secret)

In addition, confirm that python and twisted are both installed.

domain.com is the domain your Jive server is configured to.

I now have my config file cnfigured correctly i have a nother problem

it says libeay.dll is missing how do i get it back