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Set update notification interval


is there a way to set the Wildfire/Openfire update notification interval to something less frequent? I have enabled it and am surprised how many new versions you released recently. But after my last upgrade I found that it’‘s not an easy process and involves reconfiguring almost everything. (I think I have included that in my personal server installation documentation already.) Anyway, when a new version comes out, I do check the changelog and decide whether this update is important for me or not. If it is, I’‘ll do the upgrade ASAP, if not, I may do it when I have nothing else to do (which actually doesn’‘t happen). I’'d accept the notification as a reminder maybe once a week, but I get it considerably more often, like once a day. So can I change that interval to something else or is it hard-coded to “upon almost every login”?


it sounds you have a problem with Spark, not with Openfire. There’‘s the Openfire Sparkmanager plugin which lets you control the version the client can download. If it’'s not installed Spark will afaik query the central IgniteRealtime server.

The current Spark version checks only once a week while the old one did check for updates after startup.


I’'m using Psi, not Spark.

Are you looking for https://server:9091/manage-updates.jsp to control the Openfire updates or are you interested in disabling PSI updates?

I was never talking about Psi updates. My Psi version doesn’‘t have an update notification and I’'m not sure whether current versions do.

The URL you gave me goes in the right direction, but I don’'t want to entirely enable or disable the whole notification service but rather change the notification interval from 1/day to 1/week or less.