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Setting of ports in Spark

Hi All

It is possible to configure wich ports WildFire is to use for communicating. Say that I will have two distinct WildFire severs running with different ports for communications, how do I set one Sparc client to use one set of ports, and another Sparc client to use another set of ports.



I assume that Spark uses %userprofile%\Spark\settings.xml to store the port. Overwriting this file before startup can be very annoying, so using different server names within Wildfire would be much more easy. Then you can use two shortcuts like:

C:\program files\Spark\Spark.exe username=foo&password=bar&server=server1.com

C:\program files\Spark\Spark.exe username=bar&password=foo&server=server2.com

to launch Spark for one of the servers.