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Setting resource priority makes no difference. (smack 3.1.0)

Hi all,

I am using OpenFire 3.6.3 and Smack 3.1.0. I tried to experiment with the priority of the resource. I find that this has absolutely no effect.

Details …

  1. Environment : Windows Vista Home Premium, JDK, OpenFire 3.6.3, Spark 2.5.8, Smack 3.1.0, Netbeans 6.5.1

  2. Login into OpenFire 3.6.3 using Spark desktop client. (Spark 2.5.8).

  3. Login into the same server using the same login credentials from a different resource i.e my java client that uses Smack 3.1.0

  4. Change the priority of the java client but found no difference in how the messages were routed amongst the two clients. In all the cases the messages were routed to the java client.I tried many values for the priority ranging from -128 … 0 … 128.

Code for setting priority …

XMPPConnection connection = new XMPPConnection(“myOpenFireServer”);

connection.connect(); connection.login(“username”, “password”);

Presence presence = new Presence(Presence.Type.available);

  1. There seemed to be other user’s who have brought up this issue on the forums. But, I did not find any clear answers.