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Setting transport avatar via Spark

It is partially Spark question. I wonder is it planned and possible to have an option to set your avatar for a particular transport? Say i press ICQ transport’s icon in Spark’s toolbar and there will be an option “Set avatar”. Of course Spark can show only one avatar (XMPP one). But it would be more convinient maybe to set avatars in Spark, than launching original client to do so.

I doubt I would ever make it so you can set individual avatars per transport. However the functionality to set your own avatar based off what your XMPP avatar is is already there … except that it’s broken with AIM/ICQ at the moment. (which is odd because I had it working dandy for a time, but then at one point my code stopped working so I disabled it)

oh, so you are saying that my ICQ budies should be seeing my XMPP avatar? well, that’s ok for me

Should be yes =) are right now? no

See GATE-398 =)

cant test right now, all my buddies are offline Happy New year