Setting up a New Install

So I was setting up a new installation of Openfire as we are giving it a Trial run before we decide this is the app for us.

We are running:


PostgreSQL 7.4

Lastest release of OpenFire.

Upon installation, I get an error stating " The Openfire database schema does not appear to be installed. Follow the installation guide to fix this error "

However I know that the schema is installed, and I had someone else here who is a psuedo-DBA… and he confirmed the schema did get installed.

Any ideas?


did you also “commit;” the sql script after creating the schema? Some SQL clients do no use “auto-commit”, so all tables stay empty if one does not run “commit;”.


Hmm… I did not run the commit, that is a good idea…

however I had decided to give this another go, and instead of troubleshooting… I just upgraded my version of PostgreSQL as I was using 7.4…

So I upgraded to ver 8.3.3 and this seemed to resolve the issue. Was odd though…

thanks for the response…

Although there was no answer to this request, I have changed my ways… and upgraded my postgresql to lastest and greatest… all is working…thanks for the response!