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Setting-up Dev Enviroment

i just would like to ask you some questions about extending openfire… i’m trying to configure all the enviroment to develop a custom plugin.

I’ve followed step-by-step this guide


But in eclipse i see a lot of errors and don’t know how to fix it. Anyone could help?

Attached you find what i see in eclipse

eclipse imports horribly… you will have to manually adjust it.

for your project source (src) you need to point it at:


currently it’s pointed at:


this will cause a lot of problems.

You may also have problems with the libs that eclipse auto-imports… I would remove them all from the build path and only add the ones found under the build/dist/ directory.

Thank you jason i will try and give the feedbck. Is better to use a different IDE than Eclipse? If yes, which one?

no, i rather like Eclipse… I use it for everything, not just java (C, Python, occasional bash script, etc).

My comment was directed at the automatic import attempt by Eclipse… it’s pretty smart, but not every project is layed out in such a way that Eclipse can get it right automatically.

When it comes to IDE’s, there are many. I’ve heard great things about the newer releases of Netbeans as well as IntelliJ. But, I find Eclipse will do just about anything I want it to, even if it takes some wrangling from time-to-time… so I’m happy with Eclipse.