Setting up groups and contacts via OpenLDAP

First off this is an awesome product (Wildfire and Spark)! Was just what I was looking for.

I’'ve got my installation setup and running on SuSE 9.3 and currently users can auth against our OpenLDAP setup.

What, if even possible, steps do I need to take to get groupings in LDAP with users in those groups so when Spark is setup all of my users show up in their correct group. Such as my accounting manager, John Doe, shows up under an accounting group as John Doe.

Is this possible? If so can someone help me out?



I’'m not sure if I get your question right. You can use the Groups from LDAP - the docs has a page on this issue (same page that explains how to use Users from the directory).

If you wonder if you can automagically show all users in LDAP groups in other peoples roster: This should be possible with shared groups, yes. It doesn’'t pick up new groups on its own, though (like: You add a new Group Foo and everyone sees this Group instantly).

Additionally: Last time I checked shared groups only update/work on signon, so you don’'t have a way to add a user to the global rosters now.

The only docs I’‘ve found so far are at … Didn’'t really see anything on groups.

What I’‘m trying to do is have all active users in my LDAP to show up in groups (which I don’‘t have yet!) in everyone’‘s Spark automaticlly. So as users are added and removed everyone’‘s clients are updated (Even if changes don’'t take effect until a logoff/logon).

Is that possible? Also is there additional links for docs/how to’'s/etc???



It’‘s definately possible because we’'re doing it. See my replies to these two threads:

Let us know if you run into any problems.

I got back around to playing with this. Everything is ok except getting this global group thing working. I’'m posting my wildfire.xml and a brief description of my OpenLDAP setup. Maybe someone can help me out!


<groupSearchFilter><![CDATA[(&(objectClass=group)(memberOf=ou=City,dc=domain,dc =com)(member=))]]>

OpenLDAP Description

I’'ve got a group (ou) called “City” which all of my users are under. My BaseDN is ou=City,dc=domain,ou=com.

How do I get all of these users to show up in Spark under a group called “Global”? Even if I have to stop and restart Spark for updates. I’'m ok with that. Just adding and keeping 100+ users up-to-date in clients would be a full time job …

Thanks for all of the help,