Setting up LDAP with multiple OU's under one domain

I have my domain ou’s set up like this, view if from ADUC:





I have about 15 dept setup like this with the users and computers inside the OU. When I setup Openfire in the baseDN i only put one OU (OU=dept1,DC=mydomain,DC=COM) in the initial setup to see if it worked. It did and was able to view the groups and users inside. But how do I tell Openfire about my other OU’s that have users inside?

I see there is an ldap.AlternatebaseDN option. Would i need to put that in the xml file?

set your baseDN to dc=mydomain,dc=com. It will find all the OUs you have then. You can use filters to narrow the results.

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Thank you. I tried that during the initial setup but it didn’t work. But when i went in and edited it after the initial setup its working. Now its off to research the filters

thanks again.