Setting Up Sip Phone

I have been trying hard to get it working but still no luck. I’m on Windows XP and failing to find any instructions on installing on windows i referred to and have now installed openfire and the red5plugin (red5.war). I can log on the admin page, the red5 plugin is showing up http://localhost:7070/red5/ also points to the “Red5 Test Page” and i can see the Red5Phone interface there. But when i try to Login i am treated with a “Failed to connect to Red5” error.

Using any of rmtp:/sip or rtmp:/oflaDemo in the Red5 Url does nothing for me :(.

I will be thankful for help in this regard.

Basit Ali

Ohhh and when i press the Generate CallMe Link i get this error “Error netconnection:undefined” below the call and terminate buttons.

Looks like RTMP port 1935 is blocked on your network. Try rtmpt::8000/sip to use RTMPT (RTMP over HTTP) on port 8000.


Similar issue with our settings;

We’re able to view the Red5Phone Test page and successfully connect the Red5Phone(New User Interface) with every field ‘blank’ except the value for Red5URL is rtmp:/olfaDemo

Click the login button it returns ‘connection success’…

Enter rtmpt::8000/sip and the connection Fails

Then when we click on Generate CallMe Link to get the following error message

Call Me

Error netconnection:undefined

We’ve tested using telnet to discover both Ports 1935 and 8000 appear open.

Get pretty dizzy attempting to get this going. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.



What version of Red5 plugin are you using with what version of Openfire?

Hi Dele,

Thanks for the reply. We’ve installed

Red5Plugin 0.1.00 - 10th October 2008

Openfire 3.6.0a

I have the same issue.

Ubuntu OS, Openfire Version: 3.6.2, Red5 plugin Verison 0.1.02.

The rest is jusr like @dhollas posted.

With asterisk user credentials filled and login button clicked asterisk console with sip debug on gives no signs of life.

If something unexistent like rtmp:/asdzxc is written in the Red5 URL field brings the Failed to connect message.

With rtmp:/oflaDemo, rtmp:/echo in that field it gives Connection success message, so apparently this part of script works ok.

The other point is that in the sources there are some strange things (at least they seem strange to me)

like these: red5phone.mxml - strings 76 and 77

red5Manager.addEventListener(MailBoxStatusEvent.MAIBOXSTATUS, mailBoxStatusEvent);
red5Manager.addEventListener(MailBoxCountEvent.MAIBOXCOUNT, mailBoxCountEvent);

str 101


Beeing a total coding noob I can`t say for sure whether these are typos which may make some part of script unoperative or not.

Anyway trying to look through the source code seems good idea for me.

P.S. the point that both the flex client and the Call me button (which uses javascript API as it says on the page) don`t work signs that not only the flex client, but the sip plugin also needs to be checked.

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I am assuming you followed all the notes about installing and using red5phone on Linux as contributed by others as I can’t help in that respect.

There is a big gotacha with different home paths on Windows and Linux that affects red5phone

If you zip up all files in your logs folder and send to me me privately, I can advise.