Setting up Smack in Eclipse

Hi everyone,

I am just starting to use Smack for the first time. I am running Linux with Eclipse 3.2 and have Java 1.5 update 7. I downloaded the Smack developer version 2.2.1 and tried to import it into Eclipse by creating a new project from the Ant build file provided with Smack. It seemed to work, but then I noticed the code had errors. They all had to do with importing (like X509TrustManager) or using classes from the package. I tried creating a new empty java project and importing and I had no problems at all!

Do you guys have any idea what is going on? I’'m stumped.



Open the Build Path dialog.

Then the Libraries tab.

If you see JRE_LIB or similar, remove it, then click Add Library and add the JRE Library again.

That might help.

I was getting a similar error when I imported Spark code in Eclipse.



Thank you!!! That completely fixed it.