Setting up wildfire 3.1.1 - can''t connect to AD

I have searched all over and can’‘t find what is wrong. When I get to the LDAP portion of the setup I get the following error message. I’'m running this on windows 2003 SP1

Test: Connection Settings

Status: Error

[LDAP: error code 1 - 000020D6: SvcErr: DSID-031006CC, problem 5012 (DIR_ERROR), data 0

I have verefied that the Host, Base DN and Administrator DN are correct.

FYI… I’'m using a UPN under the Administrator DN.

ALSO, I have verified the username and passowrd are OK, becuase when I use a bad account/password, I get a differnt error message “Error authenticating with the LDAP server”

Any clue on what’'s wrong??


I’'ve tried this.

Host: (win 2k3 domain controller)

Base DN: dn=na,dn=lz,dn=hq

Administrator DN: cn=CorpBatchSvc,ou=Service Accounts,ou=Corporate,dn=na,dn=lz,dn=hq

This gets me the error: “Error authenticating with the LDAP server”

what could be wrong???

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is it possible that your base_dn contains a space (JM-703)? dn=na,dn=lz,dn=hq does not look to contain one but I wonder if you did shorten the values before posting.



With Active Directory the following syntax must be used

As you can see the “DN” Field must be change to “DC”

I would suggect creating documentation to reflect this.