Setup for auto push of contacts to XMPP client with LDAP?

Hello everybody,

Openfire really rocks so far. I got everything working and it just works brilliantly. Except one thing.

A bit more detail: I set up Openfire (3.7.0) on a headless Linux server (Ubuntu 11.04 minimal installation + LAMP + Java) and it works very well. I also got LDAP integration working half properly, Pidgin can be used as a client, I can use chat rooms, etc.

In order to explain the reason for the installation I should mention that my company already runs Jabberd but found that it is quite limited in functionality and configurability. We wanted to have chat rooms for our staff. We wanted automatically distributed contact lists through LDAP support. All this led me to Openfire.

LDAP users, base DN, etc. works. But neither the groups, nor auto push to the contact lists.

The (Open)LDAP base entries are ou=People,dc=domainname,dc=topleveldomain.

If I understood everything correctly, I just have to tell Openfire which groups it should read so that auto push automagically works.

I tried cn=allstaffmembers,ou=Maillists,dc=domainname,dc=topleveldomain but it didn’t work. I tried other syntaxes and elements but none worked when I clicked on “try settings”.

The structure of the LDAP (relevant parts) is



– ou=People – uid


– ou=Maillists (mailinglists / email distribution lists)



As we also have some mail addresses that serve other purposes like automated services or server triggers we just want the group of humans to appear in the contact list.

I searched the forum and I’m not sure if I understood everything correctly. Anyway, I didn’t find a solution for this special problem so far.

Can you tell me what I misconfigured? Which mistake I made? What I should enter so that distributed contact lists work?

Thank you in advance!

Go to “Users/Groups”, then “Groups”.

Do your groups show up there and can you view the list of members? If not, you need to revisit OpenFire’s LDAP configuration.

If they do, then find a group you wish to publish and give it a name under “Enter contact list group name”. If you just want that group to be visible to people who are members of the group, click “Save Contact List Settings”.

If you want the group to show up for people who aren’t in the group, then tick “Share group with additional users” and you will be able to select whether it shows up for everyone, or members of a set of other groups.

Hope that helps

Ok, thanks so far.

But my main problem is: What do I have to enter in the settings so that Openfire reads the Groups from LDAP?

I absolutely don’t know what I should enter in, say ldap.groupNameField.

Other idea: I thought, maybe I could create a group in Openfire that only applies to Openfire and has nothing to do with ldap. But trying to create a Group ends up in an error message: “Not allowed: the group account system is read-only.”

I really need some help here what to enter in the configuration as the documentation and the other discussions that I found do not contain answers in an understandable form.

Ok, I can now see the groups since I used a less complex base DN. But in the groups now everything with a cn shows up, including Users.

Am I missing something or am I way too stupid for a simple XMPP server?

EDIT: Ok, I used a filter so that only one group is shown.

I ticked the “Share” option and gave the contact list a name. I restarted Pidgin but the contact list does not show up. What should I do to get the users list in the client?

EDIT: Ok, I am really too dumb. Offline users were hidden in the client. The contact list works now.