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Setup help requested. I want everyone on everyone's buddy list automatically

Hi there. I am just settng up a copy of Openfire for our environment and I am sure I’ll be posting several questions. The first I think should be pretty easy.

I am currently getting user information via Active Directory. Since we are a realativly small company, I would like for all of our openfire users to automagically show up on the roster list of everyone else, possibly even seperated by groups handed over via active directory.

As it stands, buddys are only made when I manually make them per account.


Hi Ralph,

this is possible. Add groups within AD corresponding to the groups you would like to see in your user’s roster. Add users to those groups in AD. Now open Openfire web interface and go to the “Groups Summary” page under “Users/Groups”. Search for one of your created groups and choose “Edit”.

  • Choose “Enable contact list group sharing

  • Enter a descriptive name for it (will be shown in the roster)

  • Check “Share group with additional users

  • Choose “The following groups:” and mark all other groups you have created (choose multiple by keeping CTRL pressed down)

  • Proceed with these steps for each of the other groups ass well.

The end result will be multiple groups shown up in the roster automatically.