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Setup problems

Hello all,

I re-installed wildfire and when I go into the admin setup I see this error " Home not found. Define system property “wildfireHome” or create and add the wildfire_init.xml file to the classpath " and I can’’ get any further on the setup, any idea on how to get around this?


Hi Per,

are you using Windows and did you use the normal installer?

I’'d recommend to uninstall it, delete “c:\program files\wildfire” if it still exists and then install it again. And then check if c:\program files\wildfire\conf\wildfire.xml exists.


Sorry I forgot, I am using a Linux machine suse 9.3 to be more precise.

I tried all of those things and with no joy, I deleted anything that had anything to do with wildfire and re-installed it but witht he same problems.



did you use the rpm or tar file?

Does a user jive exists and how did you start Wildfire?

If you did enter “wildfire start” as root than you will get trouble. One should enter “/etc/rc.d/init.d/wildfire start” or something like this to start it.


Ok I got it sorted, thanks all for your help,

The problem was that for some odd reason during the installation there was a file sitting in /opt/wildfire/bin/extras called wildfire that on line 6 i think it was had wildfirehome= commented out, so I un-comment it and put in /opt/wildfire restarted wildfire and now it all works.

Again thanks all for your help