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SHA-256 ECDSA support for Openfire


Currently we are running Openfire service with SSL certificate which signed using SHA-1 RSA encryption. Since this is outdated, we are planning to upgrade the certificate to SHA-256 ECDSA. Please let me know if this is supported.

Current Openfire version: 3.9.1

Current Java version: 1.6.0_38

Thanks in advance

I certainly hope you realize the irony of denoting an outdated SSL cert when you are using ancient/insecure versions of Openfire and Java? I would suggest testing with Openfire 4.0.4 + Java 8 and see if it works.

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Agree both needs to be updated. But I am not in a position to update it right now. So, just checking the if the new SHA-2 ECDSA is being supported by older version of Openfire… Thanks.