Share contact lists across domains

I’m rather new to OpenFire, so I’m sorry if there is an easy way to do this.

I have one installation of OpenFire that’s tied into AD.

We have a subsidary company that we want to bring up on a different contenent. But we want to be able to share contact lists between the two installs. I have no problem publishing the groups within our domain, but I can’t think how we’d get a list of their groups/contacts.

thanks for any help you can lend!

If you have a single AD forrest with 2 sub domains (i.e. and then point openfire to the top of the forrest (i.e. and it will find both locations and all their users and groups. Use filters to remove unwanted stuff.

I’ve looked at it that way, but it isn’t exactly what we want. We want the AD subdomains (in Euroupe and Australia) to have there own server, for bandwidth reasons, that uses a seperate XMPP domain (mimicing their email domains).

The way it could work is to get SSO to work between OpenFire and our chosen client, Pandion, but I haven’t got that working. Plus, a single server in the US would still create more WAN traffic then we want.

In that case there is no way to do what you are asking. The servers do not pass data in the method you are asking.

I guess I’ll have to do what I can…

Thanks for the help!

I did this once by using the gateway plugin. Configure the XMPP gateway to point at the other server. Create an account on each domain for that gateway. Include this user in a shared group on each server. Have each user configure their XMPP gateway to use this account. Then the rosters could populate. They used to. You also have to allow multiple logins.

That’s a good idea…

Now I’m running into the problem of the XMPP gateway not working…

I can get the MSN working, but not XMPP.

My DNS is setup fine. s2s is working, but not the gateway…

Any ideas there?

You have been very helpful so far. Thanks!


I found out what was up… I was being the fool and puting in the xmpp domain for the gateway, not the actual host.

Now I just need to test it with multiple users like you were explaining. Thanks again…

When you say it is not working what do you mean? Do you have the allowed ports enabled in your firewall to allow the gateway to connect.

ECCO-Guy, could you please describe in detail what you did if you got this to work?

I am trying to do the same and has had no luck as of yet. Thanks!

Unfortunatly that was only a test setup, and like a fool, I didn’t document it very well, but here is what I remember:

Following what Todd had said, I created a user in the other domain (nothing special), and used that account to connect to the other server through the Gateway. I then just shared the other domain’s contact list groups to all users. The downside to this is I’d have to establish this gateway registration for every one of my users. I didn’t go that far because of testing, but I assume a SQL query can automate that…

Good luck to you!

Thanks, that will get me started at least!