"shared" active directory citrix or terminal services environment and vhost


I am looking to setup Wildfire as an alternative to the Windows LCS server. We have a citrix / TS server that we “host” a few businesses on. We have seperated them logically within Active Directory etc, so that each company can only see themselves. (sorta like this, but this is not us: http://www.netgainhosting.com/enterpriseHost.html)

I want a wildfire server setup, that is:

#1 tied into AD for user/auth info

#2 can be a ‘‘shared’’, yet private system so each company gets their own IM “virtual host” contained within the single server.

Can i do this?




while connecting to AD/LDAP is possible Wildfire does not support virtual host support. You’'d need to run one instance for every company, this could be tricky on Windows - I did not try to install two or more Wildfire services.


Huh. I Could have sworn virtual hosts were a feature of WIldfire. I found my old thread from when I was working elsewhere…


i could have sworn it was a feature now. shoot.

the multiple JVM thing should work… im currently setting it up on windows however

Does the commercial version offer any different support for this?