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Shared gateway users


Is it possible to make shared gateways users like common jabber users? For example, we have ICQ UIN 123456@icq.mydomain.net then add him to some special table and send auth request from each registered user? Technically i can add user 123456@icq.mydomain.net to any Openfire shared group, but it won’t work, because each user of the ICQ gateway must be auth’ed by remote user.

Can we do this using Smack?

We have a lot of customers with a lot of contacts from differents networks, they should appers in the each user’s roster in the same group and we don’t want to insert each of them to each user’s roster by hand. It would be nice to do some auto-magic

I believe there are lots of ways to implement this.

On the top of my head, one way of doing this without messing too much with the IM Gateway plugin source is to create another specialized plugin for this.

This “Shared Contacts” Plugin will basically:

  1. Register with the IM Gateway.

  2. Add specific contacts (i.e. userid@yahoo.domain.com)

  3. The users can now add userid@sharedcontacts.domain.com which will then transmit all presence information as well as incoming and outgoing messages.


SharedContact Plugin has their own IM account with the different transports.

From the perspective of the contact in the OTHER network, all presence and messages will be coming from a single source. (Maybe you can add a prefix to the message to identify who sent it)

Just my two cents.