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Shared Groups, Active Directory, and Presence Subscriptions


I have just switched my Wildfire installation (2.5.0) from using a MySQL database for everything to using an LDAP connection to an Active Directory server for user data. I have been having some problems with the handling of shared groups, and I posted in a thread in Spark Support about it, but after further investigation, it seems clear that the problem is server-based.

I have a few Active Directory groups that are set up as Wildfire groups as well (by being themselves members of my JabberGroups group), and I have set these up in the Admin console to be shared groups. However, they are appearing erratically in some users’’ rosters (including my own). It appears that some users are not being seen as authorized to others, though this is by no means mutual (user A cannot see user B, but user B can see user A).

I am more than happy to provide any information I can gather to trace this problem to its source…and I would very much appreciate any help anyone can give.

Timothy Collett

Figured it out, or at least a work-around: only use LDAP for authentication, with the user & group DB being JDBC.

Timothy Collett

Have you solve this problem. I have the same using the embedded db with shared group.



I am also having this same problem. Apparently it is a problem (or combination) of the presence subscription type (to, from, both) and WF dealing with the comma located in the CN and DN of Windows AD account names such as CN=LastName, FirstName

There is an open issue for this problem under JM-695. Visit the issue and vote for it!

Hi Jason,

it seems you have a large user base, maybe you also have a large budget… If you want to see this error resolved soon or even better yesterday you may send a message or email to Matt@jivesoftware.com and ask him whether it is possible to sponsor the resolution of this bug.

And there is also the option to get url=http://www.jivesoftware.com/products/im/im-support.jspcommercial support[/url].